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• Fun Jazz Ensembles  • Personalized Instruction  • Music Theory & Improvisation

• Listening Sessions  • World-Renowned Faculty  • Visiting Guest Clinicians

• Meet New Friends   • a Special Place for Musical and Personal Growth

For more information about next session, contact Eductation Director zach Lorellie Email:


Call: (646) 610-3442

Discounts for early enrollment and for returning students

Jazz Arts Academy is a comprehensive teen jazz experience presented by the non-profit Jazz Arts Project in a special arts partnership program with Count Basie Center for the Arts.

This is a performance based program where each student gets the opportunity to perform and to learn about the many aspects of Jazz; Melody, Harmony, Improvisation and the rich history of this great music. The faculty includes world-class working professional recording artists who are also dedicated educators. Students gain insight and experience into the world of jazz by hands-on performance based classes, theory lessons, workshops and listening sessions.

Jazz Essentials 101

For beginning jazz students this session will introduce concepts of jazz melody, harmony and the introductory basics of jazz improvisation.


Jazz Essentials 201

These more advanced classes will dive deeply into Jazz performance training. Topics covered will include ii-V-I vocabulary, common scale patterns, advanced scales, and Jazz History. Each attendee will be placed in ensembles large or small (depending on enrollment) based on their ability and level. Listening sessions and performance training is integral to these intensive training sessions.


  • Students, age 13-19 must have been playing for at least 3 or 4 years.

  • To get the most out of these sessions students should have at least 3 or 4 major scales committed to memory and be able to read music notes and rhythms.

  • A full commitment and attendance at all of the activities is required.

Tuition assistance grants and a limited number of full scholarships are available.
Please apply early, as these opportunities are limited.

For questions or more information please call Zach Lorelli,

Jazz Arts Education Coordinator

Phone: 646-610-3442         Email:

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